Industry Sessions Manual Madrid 2019_Web_27.06.19

Appendix 2 – DHL Shipping Guidelines DHL Trade Fairs & Events UK Limited has been appointed as sole official logistics supplier and as such is the only company providing handling, storage and customs clearance for the 28th EADV Congress 2019 to be held at Fiera de Madrid Spain. Click here , to find out more information on the services they offer and guidance as how to dispatch shipments to the event. As in past years DHL will set up a strict lifting schedule to ensure that all goods will be lifted to stand within a set time frame and same again for break down and to avoid congestions outside Hall 8. Access to the offloading area will be via East entrance/gate and will only be granted with agreed times. This will also ensure that your vehicle will leave the venue within the set time frame to avoid you having to pay parking charges as directed by venue in the following guidelines . Please note that during dismantling on Saturday 12th October, it is a Public Bank Holiday in Spain. Should you choose to use another company to provide transport services to/from the event or appoint a stand building contractor then please make sure that they are given our shipping guidelines too. DHL shall be operating dedicated consolidation road trucks ex Birmingham UK/ Cologne Germany and Paris France to and from Madrid in Spain.

Industry session manual - 28th EADV Congress in Madrid, Spain


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