EADV News Issue 80

WINTER 2015–2016 Editorial AUTUMN 21


Prof Christos Zouboulis


A generation of EADV congresses

A generation is defined as a body of individuals who are born and live at about the same time in a society. The average span between one generation and the next is accepted by anthropologists to be about 25 to 30 years. We can therefore confidently say that the upcoming 30th Congress of the 34-year- old EADV addresses a new generation, which is totally different from the Silent Generation of EADV's founders and the legendary 1st EADV Congress in Florence, Italy. Xennials and Generation Xers, with a few late-born Baby Boomers are organising a conference for Millennials and Generation Zers. Everything is set for a truly inspiring celebration of science, even though the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the way we hold events; this anniversary event will be a virtual one. Personally, I feel sad about this, since I am used to communicating face-to-face and gener- ally enjoy the opportunity to network. However, my Millennial Generation resi- dents are thrilled to be able to participate from our department or from home, demonstrating that communication for- mats have already started to change for the future. The 30th Anniversary EADV Congress offers lectures by over 550 speakers in 160 interactive sessions, among them four plenary sessions with 11 keynote

speakers, in all fields of dermatology and venereology. Eight late-breaking news sessions, patient-focused and subspe- ciality society sessions and over 1,000 free communications and posters com- plete the event. Moreover, the presence and lecture of Margaritis Schinas, Vice- President of the European Commission, indicates the importance of the role of our specialty for the EU. The overall educational programme is again superb and it offers, together with the EADV Spring Symposia, our EADV school activities, EADV webinars and articles in the JEADV - and in the future also in the JEACP -, a wide range of der- mato-venereological education, which is the major task of our Academy. At the same time, the Academy continues to grow. This year, we officially welcome Georgian dermato-venereologists. But of course, EADV is not limited by the geographic boundaries of Europe. I am delighted that EADV News has the hon- our to report on all these wonderful activities and events. In this special EADV Congress issue, you will find – among others - the invitation of the EADV president Prof Alexander Stratigos, reports from chairs of scientific sessions on the content of their events and a short report by the retiring General Secretary Prof Branca Marinović.

In this issue

Scientific Programme highlights ___________________4

Chairs of scientific sessions tell us what they are excited to hear _____________________ 6

Meet EADV’s new Open Access journal! _ __ 11

Update from the Secretary General _________ 12

30 Year of Milestones _ ________________________ 13

Notice of Annual General Meeting 2021 ___ 14

Calendar of Events _____________________________ 16

The 30th EADV Congress is at the door! If you have not registered yet, do it now! You will enjoy a major scientific event in dermatology and venereology. Encourage your fellow dermatologists and other specialists to join us too! I look forward to meeting you virtually in a few days! l With cordial late summer and fall regards Prof Christos C. Zouboulis MD PhD Editor



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