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There's still time to register for EADV 30 th Congress 29 September–2 Octobter 2021

I am very excited for the upcom- ing 30 th EADV Congress. This is my first time attending an EADV congress as EADV President and I look for- ward to taking the dermato-venereol- ogy community on a four-day intense experience of learning and scientific exchange. For this special anniversary edition, the Scientific Committee designed an excel- lent and comprehensive programme which truly rises to the occasion. Over 550 speakers, chosen from among the best and most talented minds in our field and from all over the world, will provide the latest advances in sci- celebration of science! All set for a truly inspiring

ence and clinical practices. The 160 interactive simulive sessions will cover the most critical and interesting topics, such as melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer, paediatric dermatology, psoriasis, surgical therapy, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), auto-in- flammatory diseases, COVID-19, hair and nail disorders and many more. The programme also features eight late-breaking news sessions, patient-focused and sub-speciality society sessions and over 1,600 sub- mitted abstracts. The four Plenary Sessions will host 11 keynote speakers, addressing exciting and current topics such as microbi- ome and neuroscience, autoimmunity, atopic dermatitis, psychodermatology and genetics. I am particularly proud of the Opening Plenary Session that will take place on the first day (29 September 2021) for which we made great efforts to make it a not-to-be-missed event.



“ This Congress has all the credentials to become another extraordinary event of outstanding learning and networking, offering four unmissable days to meet and share ideas with the dermato- venereology community. ”

Prof Alexander Stratigos


So, let’s celebrate together at this unique virtual gathering, EADV’s 30 th Congress –Anniversary Edition! l

It will feature two distinguished fig- ures from inside and outside the derma- to-venereology environment. • Margaritis Schinas , Vice- President of the European Commission, will share his per- spectives on the European health landscape following the pandem- ic, with a specific focus on health education and care, and on the role of EADV as provider of con- tinuous education and advocate for our speciality. • Prof Christopher Griffiths , one of the most influential dermatol- ogists of our time, will offer a very stimulating lecture entitled “The future of dermatology”. An ad-hoc Celebratory Session will take us on a journey back to the earliest and most significant memories in 30 years of EADV congresses and, together with some of EADV’s founding members, we will share emotional moments, look to the future and honour this important milestone.

EADV also stands for advocacy for the advancement of our speciality. This Congress will be the setting for the EADV Policy Roundtable Discussion “Beating Cancer: How to step-up EU efforts on skin cancer prevention”. Over the past year, we have taken steps to enhance our network of alliances among healthcare organisations and key stakeholders in our field with the goal to advocate for our speciality among EU health policymak- ers. In a multi-stakeholder panel format, the Policy Roundtable will bring togeth- er distinguished representatives of the European Parliament and Commission, doctors’ and patients’ organisations and industry partners, with the common goal of promoting and implementing effective recommendations around skin cancer prevention. This Congress has all the credentials to become another extraordinary event of outstanding learning and networking, offering four unmissable days to meet and share ideas with the dermato-vene- reology community.

Alexander J. Stratigos EADV President (2020-2022)




WINTER 2015–2016 Editorial AUTUMN 21


Prof Christos Zouboulis


A generation of EADV congresses

A generation is defined as a body of individuals who are born and live at about the same time in a society. The average span between one generation and the next is accepted by anthropologists to be about 25 to 30 years. We can therefore confidently say that the upcoming 30th Congress of the 34-year- old EADV addresses a new generation, which is totally different from the Silent Generation of EADV's founders and the legendary 1st EADV Congress in Florence, Italy. Xennials and Generation Xers, with a few late-born Baby Boomers are organising a conference for Millennials and Generation Zers. Everything is set for a truly inspiring celebration of science, even though the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the way we hold events; this anniversary event will be a virtual one. Personally, I feel sad about this, since I am used to communicating face-to-face and gener- ally enjoy the opportunity to network. However, my Millennial Generation resi- dents are thrilled to be able to participate from our department or from home, demonstrating that communication for- mats have already started to change for the future. The 30th Anniversary EADV Congress offers lectures by over 550 speakers in 160 interactive sessions, among them four plenary sessions with 11 keynote

speakers, in all fields of dermatology and venereology. Eight late-breaking news sessions, patient-focused and subspe- ciality society sessions and over 1,000 free communications and posters com- plete the event. Moreover, the presence and lecture of Margaritis Schinas, Vice- President of the European Commission, indicates the importance of the role of our specialty for the EU. The overall educational programme is again superb and it offers, together with the EADV Spring Symposia, our EADV school activities, EADV webinars and articles in the JEADV - and in the future also in the JEACP -, a wide range of der- mato-venereological education, which is the major task of our Academy. At the same time, the Academy continues to grow. This year, we officially welcome Georgian dermato-venereologists. But of course, EADV is not limited by the geographic boundaries of Europe. I am delighted that EADV News has the hon- our to report on all these wonderful activities and events. In this special EADV Congress issue, you will find – among others - the invitation of the EADV president Prof Alexander Stratigos, reports from chairs of scientific sessions on the content of their events and a short report by the retiring General Secretary Prof Branca Marinović.

In this issue

Scientific Programme highlights ___________________4

Chairs of scientific sessions tell us what they are excited to hear _____________________ 6

Meet EADV’s new Open Access journal! _ __ 11

Update from the Secretary General _________ 12

30 Year of Milestones _ ________________________ 13

Notice of Annual General Meeting 2021 ___ 14

Calendar of Events _____________________________ 16

The 30th EADV Congress is at the door! If you have not registered yet, do it now! You will enjoy a major scientific event in dermatology and venereology. Encourage your fellow dermatologists and other specialists to join us too! I look forward to meeting you virtually in a few days! l With cordial late summer and fall regards Prof Christos C. Zouboulis MD PhD Editor



Scientific Programme Committee

An enviable highlights programme to advance your learning experience

T This year – with the EADV 30 th Congress Anniversary edition -, wemark three decades of outstanding events in the field of dermatology . Each edition offers dermatologists and venereologists around the world the opportunity to share the latest trends and developments, meet colleagues and continue our commitment to lifelong learning. Indeed, since their inception, EADV congresses have taken their place alongside other leading scientific congress that invite attendees to explore hot topics via multiple learning methodologies and presentation formats.

Prof Brigitte Dréno

also enjoy audio podcasts from authors and a downloadable slide kit of key messages shared. The aim of the programme is to provide you with up-to-date information and critical analysis in all major areas of dermatology. Specifically, by taking advantage of the highlights programme, you will be best placed to call on the vast amount of information shared at the Congress and put it to practical use in your daily clinical practice. You can find the EADV highlights programme @ www.eadvhighlights. com l Brigitte Dréno Scientific Programming Committee Chair

“ The aim of the highlights programme is to provide you with up-to-date information and critical analysis in all major areas of dermatology ”

During this fantastic event, as well as enjoying the sessions live, you can take advantage of our official highlights programme, for which I am delighted to act as editor. The highlights programme is a free and open access resource that provides a selection of key summaries, handpicked from the many hours of live presentations available at the meeting. It offers a top-line overview of the hottest topics with expert summaries, interviews and other additional content to give you context and insight on the data presented. Via the programme, you can




Chairs of scientific tell us what they are

COVID-19 Paola Pasquali, MD 02 October 2021

Pruritus Prof Sonja Ständer 02 October 2021

Autoimmune Disorders Prof Dedee Murrell

11:15 - 12:15 I love the new, the future and the others . The new as in the session chaired by Prof Brigitte Dréno (France) and her outstanding speakers, Prof Manuel Serrano (Spain) and Prof Richard L. Gallo (USA). Prof Serrano–the “gene p16 man” –will speak about the role of senescence in health and disease while Prof Gallo will talk about microbiome, that bunch of not- so-bad-after-all fellows whose knowledge is changing how we understand health and disease. Two additional sessions – chaired by Prof Andre Szegedi (Hungary) and Dr Chris Callewaert (Belgium) – will offer the opportunity to immerse ourselves further in this microcosm. The future is image: the sessions on artificial intelligence (AI) and teledermatology will include not-to- miss speakers, such as Dr Carrie Kovarik (USA) on virtual reality (VR) and Prof HolgerHaenssle (Germany) on AI and skin cancer recognition. Expanding our knowledge of our specialty by learning from others is always a precious opportunity. The mental health and skin session will be chaired by Lucy Moorhead, a UK Nurse Consultant. It includes a presentation on the use of mindfulness- based techniques in dermatology, which will be given by Prof Andrew Thompson (UK), a clinical psychologist. This is just a handful and very personal selection of the sessions I will enjoy learning from. Which is what this congress is all about, no?

14:30 - 15:30 Diagnostics and therapy of pruritus is still a major challenge in dermatology. Continuous updates on novel guidelines and state-of-the-art treatments are highly relevant. During the upcoming EADV Congress, many sessions and eposters include novel data on pruritus in pregnancy, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, prurigo nodularis, urticaria, notalgia paresthetica and other dermatoses regarding itch-related burden, itch control by novel substances, epidemiology, diagnostics and assessment of itch. In some cases, the underlying etiology of chronic pruritus cannot be found. This condition, termed chronic pruritus of unknown origin, is still enigmatic and one poster presents its clinical profile and disease-related burden. A full pruritus session reflects on many of these highly important topics, including diagnostics, burden and therapy of itch. One highlight of the session is the presentation of a unifying concept of chronic prurigo. This disease is one of the most burdenful chronic pruritus entities with the highest itch intensities compared to other dermatoses. The disease is a current hot topic in pharmacological and scientific exploration.

Friday 1/10/21; Speaker in AIBD session Saturday 2/10/21 and Chair/Speaker in Sponsored session on pemphigus 29/9/21 There is a lot of exciting coverage of autoimmune blistering diseases (AIBDs) at this year’s EADV Congress! I am looking forward to introducing the basic concepts of AIBDs to the audience alongside a great faculty in the session on Friday afternoon, which is complemented by a further two sessions on the topic on Saturday morning (10:00 to 12:00). In the session I chair, I will present an overview of blistering diseases and will be joined by Prof Barbara Horvath (Netherlands) who will cover the spectrum of pemphigoid, Prof Pascal Joly (France) who will look at the spectrum of pemphigus, and Prof Katazyna Wozniak (Poland) who will discuss other AIBDs. Together, we will focus on the clinical recognition and basics of how to make pathological and serological diagnoses. This is a vital session for any dermatology trainee who needs to understand blistering diseases and a refresher for those who haven’t seen these conditions for a while. The first Saturday session on 2 October 2021 (10:00 - 11:00) will be chaired by Prof Frederic Caux (France). It will address new topics, including the new Keratinocyte Footprint Assay (Prof Barbara Horvath), diagnostic strategy for early recognition of bullous and nonbullous variants


Scientific Programme Committee

sessions excited to hear

Dermatosurgery Part 1: "Reconstruction by type" John Paoli, MD, Assoc Prof 01 October 2021 10:00 - 11:00 I am really looking forward to celebrating the 30 th anniversary of EADV Congresses. This year, our dermatosurgery sessions will concentrate on reconstructive techniques. We will have two sessions on Friday morning focusing first on types of wound reconstruction (secondary intention healing, primary closures, flaps and grafts) followed by how these can be used on specific anatomical locations (nose, ear, perioral, periocular, scalp, trunk and extremities). PD Dr med Severin Läuchli (Switzerland) and I are very pleased to be joined by a tteam of internationally renowned speakers who will provide valuable practical tips for surgeons of all levels of expertise. Video demonstrations will be used to boost the learning experience. The sessions will help participants greatly improve their surgical skills. I am also looking forward to The European Society for Micrographic Surgery (ESMS) Subspecialty meeting on Wednesday afternoon. Here, our invited speakers will focus on the future of Mohs surgery, important scientific updates and interesting experiences and tips from colleagues getting started with Mohs surgery.I am also very excited about the full day of dermoscopy sessions on Thursday and the International DermoscopySociety’s

of pemphigoid (Prof Enno Schmidt, Germany) and drug-induced linear IgA disease (Prof Frederic Caux). At the session, I will present management of localised BP. Thereafter, Prof Pascal Joly will chair a session on the management of AIBDs. He will present Rituximab and its use in AIBD and will be joined by Prof Emanuele Cozzani (Italy) who will present targeting interleukin 4 receptor α: New approach to the treatment of autoimmune bullous diseases, Prof Branka Marinovic (Croatia) on dyshidrosiform bullous pemphigoid and Dr Nicolas Kluger (Finland) on the impact of depression and anxiety on BP.

subspecialty meeting on Wednesday afternoon. I firmly believe that excellence in dermatological surgery also requires mastery of dermoscopic diagnosis, so don’t miss both parts!

Dermoscopy Prof Giuseppe Argenziano, MD, PhD 29 September 2021 14:30 - 15:30 This session will cover a few of the most difficult areas in the field of dermoscopy, offering an update on the best ways to improve physicians' diagnostic reliability when they are confrontedwith difficult-to- diagnose lesions. Prof Dimitrios Ioannides (Greece) and myself will consider the issue of pink tumors, in particular analysing the various types of vessels that can be seen in different tumors. Prof Zoe Apalla (Greece) will give some insights about the significance of grey colour, which often correlates with regression, a confounding feature dermoscopically. Finally, Dr DanicaTiodorovic (Serbia) will focus on black beauties, namely lesions that are often concerning clinically, but are not always malignant histopathologically.


Scientific Programme Committee

Skin Barrier and Microbiome Dr Chris Callewaert 02 October 2021 15:45 - 16:45 Recent sequencing technologies have opened a multitude of possibilities in investigating the microbiome on and in the human body. In recent years, we have gained unprecedented information on the skin microbiome and its correlation with skin conditions. It was already clear that the skin microbiome can have an impact in acne vulgaris, atopic dermatitis, rosacea and dandruff; now we have also discovered changes in topical microbiome in psoriasis, alopecia and even skin cancer. It still remains to be determined whether the microbiome is a cause or consequence in the skin condition. Exciting new therapies are being developed to counteract the microbiome dysbiosis state on skin and, as such, restore the skin to its healthy state. In this session, we have presentations from top researchers that show the promise of this rapidly growing field.

Cosmeceuticals Prof Elena Araviiskaia, MD, PhD 02 October 2021 15:45 - 16:45 In recent decades, the cosmetic industry has undergone crucial changes as a result of growing knowledge about normal and diseased skin physiology. New research techniques and testing methodologies are continually being developed and the search for novel active ingredients, based on well-understood mechanisms of action, is ongoing. Cosmetic products are used alone or alongside pharmacological treatment for photoprotection, correction of xerosis and aged or sensitive skin. Modern dermocosmetics has today become a routine part of themanagement of patients with inflammatory skin diseases: atopic dermatitis, acne, rosacea, psoriasis, etc. Our session focuses on dermocosmetics in healthy and diseased skin in broad dermatological practice. We will look at the modern attitude toward the use of cosmetics in acne and rosacea. Important aspects of skin care in newborns and aged skin, based on up-to-date knowledge of skin barriers, will also be presented. Finally, we will also demonstrate the focus on modern photoprotection, its regulatory aspects and the impact of sunscreens on the environment and health.

Dermoscopy Assoc. Prof Aimilios Lallas 30 September 2021 15:45 - 16:45 The diagnostic landscape in dermatology is rapidly changing and new experience- based updates come to light every day. Recent exciting developments in skin imaging and artificial intelligence (AI) indicate that the field will be even more dynamic in the near future. The sessions devoted to dermoscopy will provide a concise update of clinically relevant evidence, encouraging clinicians to apply this new knowledge in practice. In the dermoscopy session I chair, we will hear the latest information on how to discriminate in situ from invasive squamous cell carcinoma developing on the skin or on mucosa. Attendees will also learn to recognise difficult basal cell carcinomas at an early stage. Dermoscopy today is used not only to assess skin tumours, but across the entire spectrum of dermatologic diseases. One of the most popular applications of dermoscopy is trichoscopy. In the session, we will hear an updated presentation of the basics required to evaluate hair disorders with a hand-held or digital dermatoscope. We will also discuss the always challenging management of Spitzoid-looking lesions, in the light of recent evidence that might be considered as practice-changing.


Prof. Samimi - to come Prof. Vincenzo Bettoli - to come






JEADV Clinical Practice Meet EADV’s new Open Access journal!

This new publication is set to become the go-to open access resource for everyone looking to stay up to date with the management of skin and/or venereal diseases. It will feature: • Cutting-edge educational and clinically • Thought leadership in patient-centred care • Innovative content and new digital formats • An internationally recognised expert Editorial Board • Prompt and rigorous peer-review oriented content in the fields of dermatology and venereology

Don’t miss the Meet the Editor session Room 10, Friday, 1 October 2021, 11:15 - 12:15 at the EADV’s 30 th Congress to find out more about the JEADV and its brand-new companion title, JEADV Clinical Practice ( JEACP ).

Prof Johannes Ring JEADV Editor-in-Chief

Dr Antonio Torrelo JEACP Editor-in-Chief

Why not publish your next paper in the JEADV Clinical Practice !


Update from the Secretary General

Looking back on a fantastic experience

EADV LEADERSHIP Executive Committee

STRATIGOS Alexander (GR) President RÖCKEN Martin (DE) President-Elect PAUL Carle (FR) Immediate Past President MARINOVIĆ Branka (HR) Secretary General SALAVASTRU Carmen (RO) Secretary General-Elect IOANNIDES Dimitrios (GR) Treasurer RUDNICKA Lidia (PL) Representative of the Board GISONDI Paolo (IT) Representative of the Board Board of the Representatives ALPSOY Erkan (TR) ARAVIISKAIA Elena (RU) ARENBERGEROVA Monika (CZ)


video conferencing tools. I believe we were very successful in adapting quickly. But I admit that when the Executive Committee had the opportunity to meet again physically in July, we realised how much we had missed seeing each other face-to-face. Being EADVSecretaryGeneral was a great honour and experience for me. It gave me many opportunities to meet colleagues from all around Europe and indeed the wider world, to network with like-minded experts, interact with other societies and support the professional growth of the next generation of doctors. Above all, it gave me the chance to be an integral part of the many different activities of Europe’s leading dermatological society. I am thankful to all my colleagues from the Executive Committee, the Board and the entire EADV team who were very supportive.

Prof Branka Marinović

BAKIC Mirjana (ME) BAUER Johann (AT)


I began my term as Secretary General of EADV following the 2017 Geneva Board meeting . When I look back at this relatively short period, it is quite hard to believe just how many things changed during those four years. EADV has consolidated its operations in one location; a modern office in Lugano that enables all staff to work together and collaborate more effectively. EADV Congresses have advanced leaps and bounds, with ever-more advanced programmes attracting larger and larger audiences, both from within the membership and beyond. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic was felt as much by everyone personally, changing the way we live and work, as it was by business and other organisations. And no less by EADV. In a very short timeframe, we learned to communicate and collaborate via Zoom and other

KONNO Pille (EE) LAING Mary (IE)

LAMARÃO Paulo (PT) LAUERMA Antti (FI) LAZARIDOU Elizabeth (GR) LESIAK Aleksandra (PL)


MIJUŠKOVIĆ Željko (RS) MURRELL Dedee (INT) NAGORE Eduardo (ES) OSTENDORF Rolf (DE) PAOLI John (SE) POPESCU Catalin Mihai (RO) PROHIC Asja (BH) RATZINGER Gudrun (AT) RICHARD Marie-Aleth (FR) RICHERT Bertrand (BE) RUDNICKA Lidia (PL) SAUNTE Ditte Marie (DK) SHEHU Erjona (AL)

I wish my successor Prof Carmen Salavastru as much inspiration and enjoyment in the role as I have had. And of course, every success. l

Prof Carmen Salavastru, MD PhD

Branka Marinović MD PhD EADV Secretary General 2017-2021


EADV Congresses have advanced leaps and bounds

We learned to communicate and collaborate via digital tools

COVID-19 has changed the way we live and work

EADV has consolidated its operations in one location

ZOUBOULIS Christos (DE) Chief Executive Officer DE SUTTER Martine


The Health Care Provider Scholarship, sponsored by Eli Lilly, supports the participation of young dermatologists or residents/trainees to the 30 th EADV Congress. More than l,000 scholarships are available to applicants worldwide.



Over 30 years of Europe’s leading dermatological society

E EADV celebrated its 30th birthday as an established Academy in 2017 . From somewhat humble beginnings, over three decades, it has grown into the largest organisation in Europe that focuses on the specialties of dermatology and venereology. On a global scale, it is also one of the biggest in the world after the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD). President Prof Alexander Stratigos

President-Elect Prof Martin Röcken

Immediate Past-President Prof Carle Paul

role in the sharing of news, information and best practices. It will shortly be joined by a sister publication JEADV Clinical Practice, a new publication that is set to become the go-to open access resource for everyone looking to stay up to date with the management of skin and/or venereal diseases. With our myriad of activities, EADV brings together specialists from throughout the diverse countries and cultures of Europe (and even further afield) for a specific purpose: to actively encourage the exchange of ideas, experiences and projects to help all dermato- venereologists improve care for their patients. EADV gives a voice to all dermatologists and venereologists to highlight issues, many of them common to several countries, that impinge on their ability to deliver high-quality care to patients. This is supported by our increasingly

active advocacy work that sees us trying to enhance our network of alliances among healthcare organisations and key stakeholders, in particular EU health policymakers. Close working relationships within EADV and with third parties have forged firm friendships with like-minded professionals from other countries that underlie much of the positive force generated by our Academy. With our congresses now reaching the same 30-year milestone, we look forward to continuing to encourage and support the professional development of dermato-venereologists worldwide. l

Events like EADV’s 30th Congress are the reason that the Academy is considered to be one of the most prominent educators in the field of dermato-venereology. Such larger learning opportunities, which also include the smaller spring symposia, are complemented by regular focused training courses on specific areas of the specialty in different centres of Europe. These courses supplement the training of residents and update the skills of training dermatologists. The highly respected Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (JEADV), also plays a pivotal


Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Keeping up with EADV activities


Prof Branka Marinović

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic means we must continue to carry out events and activities in a virtual format . Following the successful deployment of our virtual Leadership Meetings and AGM 2020, and most importantly to be able to guarantee equal access to direct information from our President, Secretary General and Treasurer, this year’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) will again be held as a videoconference. Documentation Relevant documents will be uploaded to the dedicated General Meeting Repository. Please visit it regularly in the run-up to the AGM to stay abreast of information. Should you have questions about the AGM 2021, please write to leadership@eadv. org . Members only Only members may attend. You will be asked to supply your EADV membership number in order to register. 2021 videoconference, advance registration is mandatory. Registration will be possible up until 30 minutes before the start of the AGM (i.e. 1 October 2021, 12:00 CEST). After this time, your registration will not be guaranteed and you may not be able participate in the meeting. Mandatory registration To access the AGM

Confirmation of registration You will receive an email confirming your registration with a link to access the AGM. This link is unique to you. You may not forward it or share it with anyone else. Should you have questions related to the registration procedure, please write to events@eadv.org l

Prof Carmen Salavastru

Branka Marinović MD PhD EADV Secretary General, 2017-2021

Carmen Salavastru MD PhD EADV Secretary General-Elect, 2020-2021

l AGMAGENDA (1 October 2021 at 12:30 hrs CEST)

1 Call to order by the President, comments on previous Annual General Meeting

2 Presentation of the reports (for information only): ® President ® Secretary General ® Treasurer

3 Date and time of next meeting


80 Calendar of Events > 2021 42 nd Cours du GERDA 23–24 September 2021, Nantes, France, hybrid

14 th World Congress of Paediatric Dermatology 2021 22–25 September 2021, Edinburgh, UK

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30 th EADV Congress 29 September–2 October 2021, virtual

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The UEMS European Board of Dermatovenereology Diploma (EBDVD) Examination 08 October 2021, remote online examination

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5 th Annual Emirates Dermatology Society Conference 2021 25–27 November 2021, Dubai, UAE

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9 th World Congress of Teledermatology, Imaging and AI for Skin Diseases 9–10 December 2021, , virtual

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9 th International Congress, Psoriasis: from Gene to Clinic 9–11 December 2021, London, UK

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Sarajevo Dermatology Days – International Society of Dermatology (ISD) Regional Meeting Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina Spring 2022 11 th Conference of the European Hidradenitis Suppurativa Foundation e,V. 9–11 February 2022, Potsdam, Germany

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18 th EADO Congress 21–23 April 2022, Seville, Spain, hybrid


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17 th EADV Symposium 12–14 May 2022, Ljubljana, Slovenia

19 th International Conference on Behçet's Disease July 2022, Athens, Greece


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31 st EADV Congress 7–11 September 2022, Milano, Italy



Bradykinin Symposium and Angioedema School 14–16 September 2022, Berlin, Germany

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50 th Annual ESDR Meeting 22–25 September 2022, virtual

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