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Surviving and thriving in the “newnormal”

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The COVID-19 pandemic is certainly the most significant global event since World War II. The metaphor that springs to mind to describe my impression of life and work over the past four months is that of Ulysses’ Journey. We navigate unchartered waters in a changing world. With new situations constantly challenging the way we think and act, the foundation of our societies and the relationships we have built across borders over the past decades have been redefined. New challenges and opportunities in communicating with each other The mandatory use of face masks in most situations is modifying human interaction dramatically. Not being able to see a people’s full facial expression can inhibit our understanding of others’ emotions. As physicians, establishing a rapid and secure connection with patients is crucial during a clinical interaction, however during these difficult times this may be compromised. Perhaps an unexpected advantage of the face mask is that it

public places. We may sometimes feel a sense of rejection from neighbours, or uncomfortable whilst on public transport or in shops. There may also be times, as physicians, when we experience rejection from patients. The rule of “social distancing” (which could be

places greater importance on eye contact between persons, both in daily life and in the physician-patient relationship. It may feel oppressive and even quite threatening to find oneself confined with others in a room during meetings or in



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