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SkinVision: Social responsibility in dermatology

16 th EADV Spring Symposium 30 April – 2 May 2020 Porto, Portugal

Thank you to everyone at EADV’s 28 th Congress in Madrid who took part in the SKIN VISION project. SKIN VISION is a social responsibility in dermatology project set up by Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmétique and EADV to increase understanding of the challenges facing the skin and dermatology – from physiological and cellular mechanisms, and treatments and new technologies that are transforming care by healthcare professionals, to a better understanding of the complex relationship of individuals and society to their appearance, and the impact that climate change and pollutants have directly on the skin. At the Congress, an exhibition of dermatologists’ skin photos was held to educate and inform, with donations made to GlobalSkin, the International Alliance of Dermatology Patient Organizations (IADPO) to support the GRIDD project - Global Research on the Impact of Dermatological Disease. (See page 8 for IADPO’s report).

The collective Skin Art set up during the Congress is also available virtually in the "SKIN VISION" section on dermaweb. com , the leading professional website for sharing information on dermatology.

Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmétique’s commitment is to share the knowledge of these transformational challenges and to place the skin and the patient at the heart of its environment to “ take care for better living ”.



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