EADV News 69 -Winter2018

Thrasyvoulos Tzellos

Philipp Tschandl

Aikaterini Liakou

Philipp Tschandl (Austria) In committee: What I like a lot about working in the EADV School committee is being able to shape the education of dermatologists in Europe. I am also learning about how to efficiently and successfully organise teaching on different topics. And there is, of course, also contact with highly-valued teachers in our specialty. For the Academy: I think we can contribute on multiple fronts: helping the organisation as, for example, members of committees; teaching, by (co-)organising EADV School courses; and through research. In my view, research always needs fresh input from young colleagues who want to explore new techniques and fields. 28 th EADV Congress in Madrid: What I’m most looking forward to is the session on skin imaging. Of course, the highly practical and interesting dermoscopy sessions are always worth a visit, but there is also something new: current research produces a lot of new knowledge in computer vision and artificial intelligence- based diagnostics. Rather than being afraid of these new techniques, we need to embrace them, get involved in the field and guide machine-learning research in the right direction. The 2019 Congress in Madrid offers “Artificial intelligence and big data” and “Skin imaging: Computer vision (machine and deep learning)” as sessions that should give everyone up-to- date knowledge of what is (not) possible right now. And, of course, tapas!

Aikaterini Liakou (Greece) In committee: I find it very exciting being a member of EADV’s Honours and Awards Committee because I feel that its work is very important. The Committee awards young dermatologists from all around Europe for their hard and systematic work, and it motivates them to continue chasing their goals in dermatology. It helps them financially to attend European events and makes them feel part of the big European dermatological family. At the same time, I feel personally very excited participating in the work of the Committee, helping with the selection of the nominees, which is, however, a very objective process with standardised criteria. I also enjoy co-working with the other members of the Committee, who are experienced colleagues whom I respect and admire. It is a position of responsibility, which reminds me how I began as a "very young" dermatologist (since I personally have also received an award), and now keep going as a "young" dermatologist and - who knows - I may one day be considered as an "experienced" one. For the Academy: Young colleagues are the future of EADV and dermatology, and they should feel they are part of the Academy. They should contribute to its work with their fresh proposals and ideas. They are the ones who have the energy and willingness to work hard on dermatology, and they could contribute in both clinical and scientific fields. I feel that the combination of the experience and knowledge of the "older" ones and

the fresh ideas and innovation of the "younger" ones is the ideal recipe for the future of dermatology. 28 th EADV Congress in Madrid: We should all visit the Congress in Madrid to be up to date innewdermatological discoveries.We should also take advantage of the expertise of the experienced dermatologists and add fresh ideas and suggestions to old practices. We should keep up attendance at the European congresses, so that we can continue to exchange ideas and different practices. Meeting other people from other countries and learning how they practise dermatology opens the mind and makes us see new horizons in our own fields. l

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