EADV News 69 -Winter2018

Junior Committee Members

Youngblood as an

invigorating force in the Academy

W We asked three young dermatologists what they are most excited about in their (new) roles on EADV committees and what they think young dermatologists and venereologists can contribute to the growth of the Academy. We also asked what they hoped to get out of attending the 2019 EADV Congress in Madrid.

Thrasyvoulos Tzellos (Norway) I was a junior co-opted member of the Website Committee for two years and am now a member of the Project Proposal Review Committee. Both experiences have been very rewarding for me as a young dermatologist and scientist. In committee: During my membership of the Website Committee I had the chance to participate in the development of the new EADV website and provide my insights, but also co-operate with more experienced colleagues under their guidance. This experience really facilitated my progression not only as a dermatologist but also as a developer of projects. The most exciting part of my role as a member of the Project Proposal Review Committee is that I have the opportunity to read, evaluate and follow up on the progression of many important and breakthrough research projects. I have the honour

28 th EADV Congress in Madrid: The EADV Annual Congress is the best arena to meet experts, follow new developments, both in scientific and market aspects, and to facilitate our career and progression. With more than 750 speakers, the EADV Congress covers all important fields for hospital-based clinicians, researchers and also colleagues in private practice. With more than 170 exhibitors we get the best opportunity to hear and learn about new products covering all aspects, from immunology to cosmetology, and follow the pipeline. With participants from more than 100 countries, the EADV annual congress represents the best channel to expand our network. Lastly, becauseMadrid is a reallywonderful city to visit, especially at the beginning of October!

and responsibility of evaluating them but the experience is also very beneficial for me, since the process is a great tool to enable me to be updated on new research developments. For the Academy: Young members are the future and the biggest investment any society, scientific or not, can make. Young colleagues can contribute highly to EADV’s development. They bring new and fresh ideas, have the stamina and dedication to work efficiently under proper guidance and become the best bridge between national societies and the Academy. The only thing they lack sometimes is the opportunity to do so. Wisely, EADV has opened its door to them and includes them in decision-making processes, committees, task forces etc. EADV wisely promotes awards annually for young candidates from all relevant countries in the most inclusive manner. Inclusion of young “junior” colleagues has to continue to grow further, both in decision-making processes and scientific projects.


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