EADV News 69 -Winter2018

congress in vibrant Madrid, the city of life, from 9-13 October, should bring us together with joy and hope as the largest dermatologist community in Europe. Learn: Cultivating curiosity and constant learning is a key attribute of highly effective individuals who are able to adapt to the rapidly changing world we live in. EADV is committed to providing a wide range of initiatives outside congress and symposia for learning new skills with the 20+ courses organised by the EADV School, the masterclass for residents, the opportunity to join one of the 30+ EADV task forces and to contribute effectively to the advancement of care. In March 2019, an e-learning platform will be launched to broaden the learning options. These opportunities undoubtedly benefit patients. I am personally convinced that learning from colleagues at congresses helps me to sharpen my skills and to offer a broader range of therapeutic possibilities to my patients. Become: It is our responsibility as leaders in medicine to develop young colleagues to help them to reach their full potential. Our times require leaders who are not only intelligent but wise and open to others’ well-being and to the sustainability of the world. We need leaders who are committed to the greater good, not just to an organisation or to themselves. Emotional intelligence is a key leadership skill that much better predicts success in life than IQ or technical skills.

According to Daniel Goleman’s model, these competencies can be divided into four major components (Figure 1 ). Two are related to the “self”: self-awareness and self-management, indicating the ability of an individual to understand and manage his emotions. Two are related to “others”: social awareness, the ability to understand others and relationship management, the ability to connect with people from different backgrounds, and with different opinions and expertise. Emotional intelligence competencies are learned capabilities that can be developed with appropriate training. They ensure the adaptability of modern leaders who have to work in multidisciplinary and diverse complex teams. The more attention we focus on helping younger generations of colleagues to become emotionally intelligent leaders, the better our future will look both within EADV and beyond. I wish you and your loved ones all the best for 2019! l Carle Paul MD PhD EADV President (2018-2020) Reference Emotional intelligence. Daniel Goleman. https:// www.keystepmedia.com/authors/daniel- goleman/

Building bridges is so much more inspiring than

building walls!


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