EADV News 69 -Winter2018

President’s Perspective

Share, learn, become …

S Share, learn, become: these sound like inspiring life objectives that we, as leaders of care in dermatology and sexually- transmitted diseases, can implement and champion within EADV in 2019. Share: One hundred years ago, a significant part of Europe was destroyed by the four devastating years of World War One (WW1) with an estimated 15 million people who died as a direct result of the war and many more wounded or disabled. Although Utopians called WW1 the “war to end all wars”, the next generation of Europeans would experience massive destruction again little more than 20 years after WW1. The harsh Versailles treaty signed in June 1919 in the Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles paved the way for future conflicts and promoted nationalism and resentment within European nations. Where are we now in Europe and how can we maintain unity?

The current economic crisis puts our European institutions at risk. Nationalism and populism are resurfacing with a temptation to restore national boundaries in some countries. We need more than ever to nurture the values of openness and tolerance, to promote diversity and the exchange of ideas. We share so much in common across countries as dermatologists, venereologists, scientists, other healthcare providers and patients, unified by this interest in advancing care and knowledge in skin and sexually- transmitted disease. We definitely learn and thrive from addressing our differences with curiosity and a positive spirit. Building bridges is so much more inspiring than building walls! The EADV community is now very strong with more than 7000 members who share ideas through congresses, symposia, courses and publications. The 2019 EADV

Prof Carle Paul

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