EADV News 69 -Winter2018

Secretary General’s Update

NewBoard and committeemembers

F First of all, a very warm welcome to 2019! EADV would like to express its gratitude and a heartful thank-you for all the nominations received this year. Let me please remind you all how vitally important this is for the Academy, ensuring the continuity of our work and commitment to EADV’s mandate. On behalf of the Executive Committee, I would like to welcome:

Prof Branka Marinovic

Board Members 2018-2021 Albania: Erjona Shehu Bosnia and Herzegovina: Asja Prohic

Poland: Aleksandra Lesiak and Lidia Rudnicka Portugal: Margarida Gonçalo Romania: Catalin Popescu and Rodica Cosgarea Slovenia: Mateja Dolenc-Voljc Spain: Eduardo Nagore Sweden: Oscar Zaar Switzerland: Robert Hunger Turkey: Erkan Alpsoy International: Dedee Murrell

Bulgaria: Grisha Mateev Croatia: Mihael Skerlev

Estonia: Pille Konno France: Rémi Maghia Germany: Rolf Ostendorf and Christos Zouboulis Hungary: Andrea Szegedi Italy: Giovanna Zambruno Latvia: Raimonds Karls

Members of the Executive Committee President-Elect 2018-2020

Alexander Stratigos Board Representative to the EC 2018-2020 Carmen Salavastru Board Representative to the EC 2018-2020 Jacek Szepietowski

Committees 2018-2022 Statutes and Development Chair-Elect 2019: Daniel Hohl EADV School Members: Paula Pasquali and Catherine van Montfrans Finance Committee Member: Angela Hernandez

SPC Member - Southern Region: Eduardo Nagore Statues and Development Committee Member: Sarah Rogers Website Committee Member 2018-2022: Carmen Rodriguez-Cerdeira

Board Members 2019-2022 Greece: Elizabeth Lazaridou and Alexander Katoulis Malta: Helen Borg Netherlands: Markus Starink International: Shyam Verma

open on 18 February and close on 18 March 2019. We look forward to your continued support. Wishing you a prosperous year ahead! l Branka Marinovic EADV Secretary General

We also thank all those who ended their terms for their time, dedication and hard work. Please do stay tuned for calls for nomination regarding the Scientific Programming Committee-Western Region and the Scientific Programming Committee-Northern Region, which


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