EADV News 69 -Winter2018

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Building an onlinepresence

I I started developing content on the internet in 2010 when I ended my residency programme in Singapore (at the National Skin Centre under Prof Chee Leok Goh) and Geneva, Switzerland (at the Geneva University Hospital under Prof Jean-Hilaire Saurat). Rich in the knowledge gained to pass the board examination, finding topics and writing about them was not too difficult. The objective was to raise public awareness on skin issues and provide educational materials for professionals. At the same time an updated directory to find a dermatologist as well as organisations involved was added. Dr Christophe Hsu

conferences. It was quite stimulating to develop this content which was thrown into search engines and the website traffic soared in 2014 to 50000 visitors a month from every country, including one where internet traffic is restricted. I chose the popularity of contentmeasured by search engines to generate more content on the same topic and had the most interesting educational materials for the general public translated. For example, “White Spots in Children” was translated into Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Tagalog. Finding the right platforms However, from that time onwards Google search engine algorithms would be updated (from July 2013) and this resulted in a gradual but dramatic fall in search traffic. So, I turned to Facebook and createdpages ondifferent topics* themain one being Dermatology News Daily. By posting on these pages and cross-posting

plummeted to less than 300 a day and has been falling ever since.

LinkedIn: my choice So, I decided to turn in 2017 to LinkedIn and build a network and adapt content to this more professional audience; indeed, the great advantage of this network is that you know who your connections are: dermatologists, doctors and all those who have a connection to skin science or wish to have one. By bringing all my educational contributions to dermatology through Information & Communications Technology (ICT) has brought me the personal satisfaction of getting feedback for my efforts, either through a post or through meeting colleagues face-to-face from all over the world. This is indeed my own definition of the Dowling Club (Dr Geoffrey Barrow Dowling was a renowned British dermatologist who founded in 1948 an informal journal and club to promote knowledge and friendship among dermatologists). l Christophe Hsu MD www.linkedin.com/in/christophe-hsu Specialist in Dermatology (Switzerland) Global Dermatology; JAAD, JEADV and Dermatologica Helvetica Editorial Boards Consultant in Teledermatology and AI (Department of Dermatology; University Hospital of Basel)

Content focused on general information for the public on skin diseases and professional information, such as patient support groups, specialised topics in dermatology, terminology and comments on articles and posters at scientific

on Dermatology News Daily, the website reached 2000 website referrals a day and 360000 likes. It is also at this time that I joined the JAAD social media efforts. Unfortunately, it was time to adapt again as from 2016, Facebook started to modify its algorithm to favour advertising through paid content, so organic reach

4, Boulevard James-Fazy 1201 Geneva, Switzerland

*Acne, Atopic Dermatitis, Leprosy, Pigmentation, Psoriasis, Sunprotection and “Skin, Mind and Soul”: (a book by Pomey-Rey D, MD translated from French).


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