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Why is socialmedia important for dermatologists and patients?

being self-centred. Young scientists regard social media and blogging platforms as a key part of their day job. 2 Some say it’s no longer an option not to engage with the lay public since online scientific communication is an important part of pushing back against misinformation and theories that aren’t scientifically validated. 2 In addition, Instagram should be considered a valuable channel through which to educate the public on skin diseases. 3 Educate patients and the public Hashtags are like keywords which can be used to organise messages on a social network. These facilitate the searching and grouping of messages according to their given hashtags. Your profession’s hashtag is #dermatology or #dermatologia , #dermatología if you post in Spanish. On Twitter, the hashtag #dermatology footprint remains weak with +/- 350 to 400 million impressions per year. Compare this to #plasticsurgery , which reached 5 billion impressions in 2017. 4 Why such a difference?

Social media encompass multiple sites for online communication that reach a large proportion of the global population. 1 They offer great opportunities to share your passions and opinions using your own tone of voice to your community and the world. It is important to bear in mind that on social media people generally are not interested in what you do (your short profile will tell them) but are interested in what you have to share and your point of view. The single golden rule is to avoid

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